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Tarot Classes

Tarot Card Cheat sheet

  This is a great little quick way to learn and reflect on tarot cards as you go! Just a few simple words for each card, it can help you memorize and understand the basic meaning of each card. Please click here to download.   

Tarot 101 Class


 I am excited to announce that I am developing a Tarot 101 course. This will be 90 day of tarot classes that covers every single card on an in depth level. You will be given to opportunity to bond with each card, and learn how to intuitively read. We will be addressing the before and after care of readings, your personal way of receiving messages and how to develop your intuitive gifts and much, much more! You will receive a work book that will guide you through the process, daily emails, weekly videos and join a private Facebook group dedicated to you and your fellow students to talk, ask questions and bond. After you graduate, I will have a Facebook group that you can practice your readings in as well! You will be an #approvedreader! You get a certificate of completion as well.  

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