Tarot Readings reviews

Tarot Reading Reviews

I am so blessed to have this woman in my life. I have had several readings done by Serena and each and every one of them resonated deeply in me. The spiritual cleansing and self love she has taught me... ❤❤❤❤
I Highly Recommend this lady!  - Krista 

 Pulled some cards that were exactly dead on what I am going through very appreciative of her time and amazing skill!  - Marisa T

 From what I've seen so far she is accurate .. She's just downright amazing - Jenn K

 Serena is very intuitive and professional. She was able to see the weak spots in my situation and gave me good direction and advice. I was very impressed with her ability to feel my situation and the how applicable her advice was. She is very good at reading cards.  - Sarah R

Serena recently did an energy cleansing at my house. My roommate was struggling a lot, not acting herself at all, having night terrors etc. I immediately thought to contact Serena. She is very intuitive, and extremely good at what she does! She came over and blessed the house using sage, and took the time to sit down and work with my roommate who was being affected by this negative energy. By the time Serena left our house, my friend had a complete turn around and was very much herself again. My roommate was a skeptic about stuff like this, but now she can’t stop talking about how great she feels and how powerful Serena’s work was in helping her. - Katie S

 Serena is way intuitive and every reading i have gotten from her (and there have been several) has been really insightful. I highly recommend her, I found clarity that was much needed and feel much more grounded after every reading. She offers a variety of readings and her pricing is fair as well and the specials are killers so always be on the lookout for them. 5 out of 5 stars without a doubt.  - Saphire M.

 I got a reading from the amazing Serena Faith and she was SOOO spot on, I couldn't even believe it!! 😍💖🙌 Thanks again love, and I cant wait to get another reading done soon 💖💖 #StayFabulous  - Amanda B 

I love this girl! She is very authentic!! Very gifted!!! - Lorraine

 Never had a reading and had my first tonight. Spot on. So happy to have had Serena read my cards. I feel much better about things.  - Andria G.

 Great reading tonight. The card she pulled for me was exactly my current situation and gave me good advice for the future with handling it. The honesty is much appreciated.  John S.

 I had a private 30 minute reading and it was amazing. She is right on point with everything. I highly recommend her especially if you are struggling, she has helped me feel whole again. You should book a private reading as soon. as you can.  - Denise C.

 Highly recommend Serenity Faith. Very inspiring, thoughtful and full of wisdom. Takes her time to explain things to you and really spends quality care with you. Do not use anyone else. You will not be disappointed 💕  - Shannon S.

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