Who is Psychic Serenity?


Serena Faith(Psychic Serenity) is a Spiritual Life Coach who specializing in intuitive, transformative Tarot Readings. Her skills are to help you get clarity in your life, help you break through blocks and self-defeating behavior, develop self-love and self-care and ultimately help you manifest and live the life you desire and deserve! She is great with over-coming codependency, soft addictions and untangling the behaviors and patterns unconsciously developed from our childhood.  Part of Serena's soul purpose and calling was to experience addiction, codependency and abusive relationships.  By experiencing these life events, she realized her mission was to heal herself, turn around and help other's heal from theirs. Serena found healing and continues to grow spiritually all the time! She feels we are always capable of growth and healing in one way or another.


Professionalism and Experience

 Serena discovered Tarot Cards in 2007, and has been reading ever since. She fine-tuned her skills at Southwest Institute of Healing Arts from 2017-2019, and that's when she discovered her gift as a Spiritual Life Coach and Intuitive Guide. It was there she realized the true potential in Tarot Cards, and how they are a Spiritual Life Coaching tool!  Tarot Readings are very sacred to Serena, and she feels that it's not only an amazing way to tap into your inner wisdom and seek clarity, but it's a wonderful way to set goals and use for manifestation of one's dreams, attract healthy relationships, grow spiritually and much, much more!