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Tarot Reader


My name is Serena Faith. I am a Spiritual Life Coach and I have been tarot reading for over 12 years.  I specialize in addiction/recovery, codependency, relationships, self-care, self-love, spiritual growth and stepping into your power.

Tarot Reading, Spiritual Life Coaching, Holistic healing, crystal healing

Professionalism and Experience

I started tarot reading when I was 17 and used it to support myself as I traveled around the country.  Addiction and recovery a big part of my story and it lead me to SWIHA(Southwest Institute of Healing Arts) where I found my calling as a Spiritual Life Coach.  I am also a member of the American Associate of Psychics.

Intuitive healing, spiritual life coaching, tarot reading and holistic healing.

Supportive Journey

The journey of self-healing can be a scary and lonely process. I know this from personal experience. As a Spiritual Life Coach I am here to walk with during your process! My style is very nurturing, intuitive and compassionate.  I will help you find your inner strength and power to create the life you were designed to live.

What to expect from a tarot reading with serena faith

What is a tarot card reading?

Spiritual Life Coach, Tarot Card Readings, Tarot Readings, holistic healing.

What is a Spiritual Life Coach?

A Spiritual Life Coach is someone who helps you find a deeper, more meaningful purpose in your life. Spirituality is a personal, intimate relationship with yourself, your higher power and the world around you. Only you are the one to define what it means to you! A spiritual life coach helps you discover how you can find beauty in every moment, the good and the bad. It's someone who helps you during transformations  like a phoenix being reborn or a caterpillars journey to becoming a butterfly!  At the end of the day, you are the one who is doing all the work... I just gently walk by your side.

Tarot Readings, crystal healing, spiritual life coaching and holistic healing

What is a Tarot Reading?

Tarot Cards are a beautiful way to connect to life lessons, spiritual principles, life's trials and tribulations. It tells a story in a way that we can all connect to through symbolism, imagery and metaphors . Through my Intuitive Guidance, I can guide you to clarity in life's most difficult questions and phases.  I am a trained intuitive guide and self-taught tarot card reader and with my gifts I can help you breakthrough to your highest potential.  If you are interested in a reading and want to unlock the highest potential, check out this blog post!

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